How To: Displaying Your Comic Con Buttons

Mar 27th 2019

How To: Displaying Your Comic Con Buttons

Every year, people from all across the country attend the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Also known as C2E2, it is the largest pop culture expo in the Midwest. Cosplayers, collectors, and of course button fans have a great time expressing their love for their fandoms at the show. As button fanatics ourselves we were really excited to see how everyone wears their buttons.

One thing you’ll learn immediately if you attend any sort of pop culture convention is that there is are many ways to show off your button pins collection.

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Sam and Haidee put their  pins and buttons directly on their pass lanyard. Sam, a self-proclaimed button enthusiast, couldn’t wait to wear her new pin-backs and said she was excited to add them to her growing collection at home.  

woman wearing comic con buttons on lanyard woman wearing comic con buttons on lanyard

Some, like Jennifer and Matt, wear their comic book buttons to represent the fandoms they love. Jennifer likes to meet new friends through the interests printed on her buttons. “If people relate, that’s great!” 

woman wearing comic con buttons on backpack

man wearing comic con buttons on jacket

On his vest, Victor, shows off his pins, buttons, and patches. Victor’s collection is more curated than it appears at first glance. On his left side he wears symbols from his favorite shows like Pokémon and Sailor Moon. On his right, he likes to lean more heavily on his love for cats.

woman wearing comic con buttons on lanyard

You don’t need to wear your whole collection to C2E2 to make a statement. Annaliese, cosplaying as Holtzmann from the 2016 Ghostbuster remake, wore just two but they added an extra bit of character to her costume.

ghostbuster cosplayer wearing buttons

We were lucky enough to run into seasoned con-goer Randy and the accumulation of vintage buttons he’s assembled over the years. Looking over Randy’s selections is like a pop culture  history lesson.

wom wearing comic con buttons on lanyard man wearing comic con buttons on backpack

Karissa is just starting her custom button pins and charm collection but she’s already equipped with a backpack specially designed to show off an amazing collection. With how affordable buttons are, she'll grow that collection in no time!

clear backpack displaying comic con buttons

We just couldn’t pass up the chance to talk to local pin-back enthusiast, Hector, who is well aware that his collection is a head turner. He even has a self-referential button to be the eyes on the back of his head that jokingly calls out gawkers.

comic con buttons on backpack

Buttons are ideal for self-expression; with them you literally wear the things you love on your sleeve! Ask people about the buttons they’re wearing, especially if you relate. If you strike up a conversation over your shared interests, who knows… you might just make a new friend!

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