Quick + Easy Halloween Costumes with Buttons

Oct 26th 2012

Quick + Easy Halloween Costumes with Buttons

In a pinch for a costume for that Halloween party this weekend? Busy Beaver's got you covered with easy costumes that feature (what else?) buttons.

1. The Candidate

Real (Romney, Obama) or fictional (Tracy Flick), a button on a jacket lapel turns you from suit-wearing anybody to politician on the campaign trail.

2. Punk Rocker

Got some ripped up clothes? A leather jacket? Add a couple handfuls of 1" buttons and transform yourself into a punk rocker. Mohawk optional.

3. Scout

Girl/Boy Scout sashes are easy to recreate from a piece of fabric draped over your shoulder and a bunch of buttons made from merit badge designs. Show off your proficiency in basket weaving, archery or survival skills (nobody has to know that you don't actually know how to start a fire).

4. Restaurant Employee with Flair

While we're not necessarily fans of describing buttons as "flair," for Halloween we'll make an exception. Grab the nearest striped shirt, a pair of suspenders and as many quirky buttons as you can find, add a pen and notepad and you're ready to take party-goers orders. Now, who had the bloomin' onion appetizer?

5. The Lazy Smart Aleck

And if all else fails, you can be the guy at the party who hides behind this button:

Example buttons courtesy of the Button Museum.

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