Field Notes Debuts Arts & Sciences Notebooks and Matching Buttons

Jun 12th 2014

Field Notes Debuts Arts & Sciences Notebooks and Matching Buttons

Our pals over at Field Notes just announced their latest their latest seasonal release, and it's a good one! Never again do you Right Brain and Left Brain need be at odds now that there's Field Notes new Arts & Sciences edition.

According to the announcement, the "Arts" notebook is "designed for creative musings" and "Sciences" is perfect for "essential formulas, theories, and data." Together, the pair are perfect for such essential lists as "Lannister and Baratheon Lineage and Deaths - Vol. III," "Drummer Auditions: Check for Chops, Hair, Van," and "Periodic Table of Something Funny."

But what's guarantee to make a set of good looking notebooks even better? How about a pair of metallic buttons to go along with them!

These two pinbacks have been carefully color-matched to coorespond with the covers of both the Arts and Sciences notebooks. They're available, along with a bunch of other goodies, for Field Notes Colors subscribers.

If you're looking for a little more inspiration on the "art meets science" vein, we also recommend checking out the teaser videos Field Notes produced in anticipation of the Arts & Sciences release.

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