Lumiere Tintype Buttons Up

Oct 2nd 2013

Lumiere Tintype Buttons Up

It's not every day that we make buttons with images that look like they stepped right out of a Civil War-era photograph. When the recent display pack order for Lumiere Tintype came through a few weeks back, we had a chance to do just that.

Based in Austin, Texas, Lumiere Tintype is a project of husband and wife team, Adrian Whipp and Loren Doyen. They create modern tintype portraits using authentic 19th century methods, resulting in images that look modern and vintage all at once. Their mobile studio combines the historic process with the modern roving photobooth, allowing portrait sessions at events, parties or anywhere people want to pose.

Adrian said that they were excited to create display packs because it allowed them to offer a variety of portrait images to promote the brand. "Our business cards have a different image on every one," Adrian said, "And I found that folks were digging through the stack to collect their favorite images. I like that the packs allow for a different image on every button. This means we have an affordable way for people to own and display some of their favorite tintypes."

Photo buttons are easy to make, even from your own cell phone: Check out this historic photo button catalog.

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