From Corporate Brand to Personal Brand: Modest, Inc. and Harper Reed Button Up

Apr 29th 2014

From Corporate Brand to Personal Brand: Modest, Inc. and Harper Reed Button Up

Go to, you'll find a simple single-page website with a graphic black and white logo, two links and an email address. To say that the site is mysterious is probably an understatement.

"Secret is maybe the wrong word," Modest's Harper Reed said. He explained that the company, which he founded with fellow former Obama for America engineer, Dylan Richard, is building e-commerce technology for mobile devices.

Though mysterious, Modest's minimalist web presence does epitomize their name, as do the buttons we recently made for them. With understated typography and simple black and white imagery, the two Modest designs made for intriguing buttons. By avoiding splashier branding, Harper thinks that the buttons are easier to wear everyday. Plus, he added, "Modest is a fun word to wear on you."

pile of Modest's buttons

If the branding for Modest is low-key, Harper's history making buttons with Busy Beaver has typically been more extroverted. With this recent order, Harper also created three buttons featuring images of himself-- two photos and a drawing of Reed by French director, Michel Gondry. Using them as a sort of alternative business card that included not only an email address but also his phone number on the backrim, Harper said that the "face buttons" have been handed out to friends and clients, and at this year's SXSW. "They're great from a novelty perspective," he said.

"The Modest ones were my first time making buttons for a brand," he said. "but maybe I treat myself as a brand, actually."

In one button order, it's interesting to see designs running the spectrum from understated corporate branding to more in-your-face personal branding. Either way, they make for buttons that you can't help but want to pin on.

For more interesting ways to brand your persona, or your business, with buttons, check out Kristin Miaso's meaty button packs.

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