My Button Collection: Brett Manning

Jul 6th 2012

My Button Collection: Brett Manning

We're starting an occasional blog series inviting button enthusiasts to show off their collections. First up, Busy Beaver's own Brett Manning shares her wonderfully eclectic collection of pinbacks featuring black cats, Steve Buscemi and more.

In addition to being Busy Beaver's top button pinner (over 700,000 last year alone!), Brett is a talented artist and photographer. As a pinner she comes into contact just just about every 1" round button that we make, so it's no surprise that her prolific collection is be heavy on the one inchers. Brett has a number of buttons she's created with her own artwork, as well as other buttons that have been DIY-ed by friends. The entirety of her collection was too large to capture in a single photo so instead Brett sent us photos of her favorite sub-collections. Pictured above is her collection of cat buttons and below, Brett has an eye for black cat buttons as the owner of one herself.

Brett also shared some of her overall favorite buttons, pictured below. When asked what makes a particular button stand out from the thousands she's sees every day, Brett said, "I am drawn to the gross but cute buttons, the creepy ones, if it's halloween related, if it has to do with cryptozoological creatures, if it's funny... but I have a strange sense of humor, so maybe other people don't think my buttons are that funny. For example, I think the 'Marsha' button [top left of photo] is brilliant. Who is Marsha? Is THAT Marsha? WHAT IS MARSHA? I don't know. And that's okay."

Some of Brett's favorites include the eye button created by Carrie Vinarsky for last year's button mini-comic, Pusheen the cat digging into a bag of Cheetos, Evil Supply Co.'s jack-o-lantern and Jen Oakes' ode to Twin Peaks' Agent Dale Cooper. The other favorite that can't be missed is the young, pink Steve Buscemi button. Brett explained, "That one's my own creation. I always thought we were similar looking people, so I made this "Femme Buscem" in honor of our resemblance."

Thanks, Brett, for sharing your button collection, and your long lost cousin Steve!

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